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The recent addition to my breakfast, Yola Porridge is packed with nuts and seeds and brings a whole new dimension to healthy porridge. Lots of Breakfast cereals have wheat as the main grain. Lots of people don’t realise that a large % of the population have an intolerance to wheat. You could be intolerant and not even know it does not agree with your entire body. I myself have a slight intolerance to wheat, should I eat a lot of white bread my body will suffer gut pains. This was bad for my body and after I realised that wheat was my problem. I cut out the majority intake. My body was working perfectly and my pains ceased completely.

Although I had cut bread out of my wildlife removal company, I found it hard to discover a substitute cereal which was wheat free. It wasn’t very hard to find wheat free Granola or Porridge but finding one that I actually enjoyed was the primary hardship. Till I found this great Irish produce Yola Porridge. Porridge is easy to digest Great for old or young, even great as a slow release of energy for athletes in training. Its Jumbo oat flakes and oat bran combine to ensure a hearty, very low G.I. breakfast.

Yola Porridge

Almonds, Sunflower Seeds have a lot of healthful nutrients. Only a handful packs a very helpful punch of vitamins, minerals and fats, all of which work together to influence your heart, your brain and your waistline. I found myself snacking feel a lot fitter now a days.

There is a simple way to jazzing up routine old porridge, it is really filling and super healthy! If you’re avoiding dairy or just want to change things up by all means use almond or soya milk instead. So many items can be added to may porridge more palatable. My personal favourite is adding blueberries, I arrange them to make a smiley face, which is a bit of fun for the kids also.

All in all, I personally believe that the ideal start to anyone’s day is a satisfying healthful breakfast, porridge is absolutely a win/win. I hope you try it yourself.

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