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Why do you eat tomatoes?


Since it makes my soup appear mild and taste great.

That’s the reply most girls we ask the above question gave until we let them see more valid reasons why they ought to eat tomatoes.

Are you among them?

If you answer either’Yes’ or’No’ continue reading and you will see legitimate reasons why we should eat berries.

  1. Tomatoes help prevent cancer

This is due to lutein, zeaxanthin and the high level of lycopene which is a natural antioxidant which have the capability to resist cancer causing cells.


Tomatoes lowers blood pressure and reduces cholesterol level because of its Vitamin B and potassium. Additionally, it prevent life threatening heart problems such as high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

  1. Improve your vision
  2. Fight Raccoon Control
  3. Makes hair healthier

The appearance and texture of your hair may be improved by drinking tomato juice. Tomato juice revitalize hair growth and fortify tufts of hair.


  1. Fights constipation

When you consume foods that are high in water and fiber content you’ll have regular bowel movement and you’ll be well hydrated this battling constipation. Tomatoes are high in fibre and water content.

Calories 18

Water 95%

Protein 0.9 g

Fiber 1.2 g

Fat 0.2 g

Saturated 0.03 g

Carbs 3.9 g

Sugar 2.6 g

Monounsaturated 0.03 g

Polyunsaturated 0.08 g

Omega-3 0 g

Omega-6 0.08 g

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